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Each year, more than 1,000 tonnes of chopsticks, toothpicks are imported into Vietnam, taking up precious foreign currency of the country, while Vietnam now bowed to accept defeat on home turf …

Although exporter of bamboo and bamboo products is very large, but every year Vietnam has to import goods made from these materials. Along with a large toothpick, chopsticks from China smuggled into local authority which is not controlled.

20 years in the profession make bamboo products, but far from his family Tran Van Tuyen, all production facilities Quang Phu Cau toothpicks, Ung Hoa, Ha Noi determined to stop at the toothpick to make notes, most commodities are crude and largely exported. He said, 90% of factories in Quang Phu Cau flavored toothpicks are made, some households still do dark bamboo chopsticks products, but small and seasonal.

According Games, the problem is not as dark, hard wand, but the hard part is finding markets for their products. Do not compete on price, Chinese model, many traditional villages toothpicks left the market acceptance that it would be an advantage.

Bamboo is a symbol of the capital of Vietnam village, in the village which is seen bamboo, river banks, the first village ubiquitous … materials available, but can not produce a sale. Did not Vietnam have outlets ?.

The reality is totally different. Disposable Chopsticks Toothpick indispensable in the restaurant. One day, her diner Dinh Phuong Anh (Hanoi) 400-500 chopsticks used up, the price 10000-12000 / 500 bundle 65 pairs chopsticks, then she lost about 70,000. Phuong Anh said that disposable chopsticks are cheap, convenient, beautiful white models, just one phone call that there are right.

Only a simple way, each month the restaurant Phuong Anh chopsticks consumes 15,000, with the number of hundreds of thousands of bars, restaurants, the only market in Hanoi, each month of this consumption chopsticks can be up to tens of millions of pairs. A market with such huge power consumption, but there is no place for the villages of Vietnam toothpicks.

Representing the workers, Mr. Tran Van Tuyen recommendation: “Need smuggled banned the radical new industries in developing countries, but not prevent contraband, we can not.”

Imports from toothpicks, chopsticks … the bunch toothpick, chopsticks by many different paths abound market presence in Vietnam. No model code, no address … the production of disposable chopsticks have toxic for consumers, it is still a question. However, it is evident that each year more than 1,000 tons of bamboo chopsticks, toothpicks just been imported into Vietnam and take away precious hard currency of the country, while Vietnam is now bowed to accept defeat on yard.

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