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Newell International Industry Co., Ltd.

Bamboo Boats, cups, plates, trays,cutlery and Bamboo Skewers

Pine or Bamboo as it is commonly called come in a range that includes, Bamboo Boats, cups, plates, trays,cutlery and bamboo skewers are perfect to serve appetizers, finger food, seafood, bite size entrees & desserts.

Bamboo tableware can add an original or eco friendly touch to your culinary creation! In addition to its elegant and clean look, these are renewable wood products and are also biodegradable and compostable making them environmentally friendly.

Bamboo is a recyclable material which makes it the perfect Green product for food service suppliers.

Bamboo disposables are manufactured from natural wood using sustainable forestry practices that do not damage the environment. Bamboo or pine is made from natural renewable resources.

Delicate yet robust, Water & heat resistant.

Food Safe

Our combination of quality, functionality and style offers a unique selection of the best disposables available. Choose from our disposable servingware made from FSC wood or Bamboo.

Centaur Packaging has all the alternatives, for all your catering needs.bamboo boat

Feel good about using these products, they are 100% biodegradable and compostable.

Newell Bambu Products Co.,Ltd.engaged in manufacturing and exporting bamboo products for nearly 10 years. Our main products are bamboo skewer,stick,incense stick,chopstick,fruit pick,toothpick,bamboo matcha whisk and other whisk accessories,bamboo steamer,wooden pegs,wood coffee stirrer,wood tongue depressor and so on.There's a variety of sizes and types to meet customers' different demand.Nowadays, our market covers European and Asia countries such as America,Greece,Spain,Italy,France,India etc.

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Newell Focus on Bamboo and Wood products Production and Export Since 2008.

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