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Bamboo Skewer

Bamboo KEBAB / KABOB skewers are a nice way to present food or to cook food, They are great for grilling, especially for satay, shish kebabs and skewered vegetables and fruit, these skewers are a handy item to keep in the kitchen.These skewers are made entirely of bamboo, which is an environmentally friendly alternative to wood.

bamboo skewers are easiest to use and one just needs to find a flat and wide looking one. Wider skewers do not catch fire easily and this allows one to grill meat for a long time. Soaking bamboo skewers in water for about half an hour as this makes them ready for barbecuing. Now one can place the food items that are to be grilled. Once the food is placed, one has to flip the skewer to both the sides when barbecuing as this allows complete cooking.

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