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I am a consultant for a Global herb and spice company, Your Inspiration At Home.
I was recently asked to attend  one of my team members, Carly's launch party.
My brain then went into overdrive as I started to visualise the many products Centaur Packaging have to offer for these types of events.
With the menu consisting of finger food and bite sizes canapés I decided to test run the bamboo and Palm leaf range of products that everyone's going crazy about.
Not only do these products add a touch of style and sophistication to your evening, they are also are an  eco friendly way to present your exotic gourmet delights.

Bamboo Cups

Two types of mousses were served in the Bamboo cups, which can also be used for dipping sauces.
Bamboo is a renewable wood product and bamboo is biodegradable and compostable making them environmentally friendly.
Easy and fun to use, simply pipe your dessert and serve. These cups can also be stored in the refrigerator until service.

Bamboo Boats

Talk about wow factor, these Bamboo boats are a spectacular way to serve food for stand up functions, the convenient shape of the boat fits nicely in your hand.
A few different canapés were served on these bamboo boats from savoury meatballs to a Warm Homemade Apple Crumble.
Bamboo boats small

Bamboo Boat Oar Skewers

The bamboo boat oars skewers were just a perfect finish to the chocolate dipped strawberries with Chilli Chocolate Dukkah, making serving and eating easy because of the slimline design and little oar handles.
Bamboo Boat Oar skewers

Palm Leaf Bowls

The Palm Leaf dipping Bowls were ideal for the many dips Carly had on display.  These bowls are also liquid and heat resistant and sat perfectly on the table.
The Palm leaf platters come in all sizes the largest measuring 420 x 280mm, and they are perfectly safe to to use in the microwave to heat things up to two minutes or pop them in the oven up to 180o for 45 minutes.
5" Palm Leaf Dipping Bowl pack of 12

Renewable, biodegradable, and environmentally friendly

Did you know that leaves that are actually used to make these products are made from Naturally fallen Areca nut palm leaves, so this means no damage is done to the environment. The leaves are collected, washed and pressed into their various shapes. Now that's some clever thinking.

Something else I would have to say is that not only did these products look great on display, but were so easy to work with as the canapés could be heated or refrigerated in the serving dishes that we used. So therefore you could prepare a lot more dishes before the event. Also a super easy clean up at the end as everything we used was biodegradable having less impact on the environment. Another good attribute to these products.

Wooden Bamboo cutlery
3.5" Round Palm Leaf Dipping Bowl pack of 25
Oval Palm Leaf Deep Platter - large
Enjoy Being Creative

Bamboo and Palm Leaf catering supplies from Centaur Packaging
The following products were used for this Your Inspiration At Home demonstration:
*5" Hexagonal Palm Leaf Dipping Bowl pack of 12
*3.5" Round Palm Leaf Dipping Bowl pack of 25
*Oval Palm Leaf Deep Platter - large
*Bamboo Boat Oar skewers
*Bamboo boats small
*Bamboo cups
*Wooden Bamboo cutlery

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