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History of tableware

From the beginning of the human history people used many kinds of tableware such as cups, plates, spoons, later invented forks or even wooden sticks, like in Eastern Asian countries. They could be wooden, glass, porcelain, ceramic or metal.

During the time of ancient history many dead nations and cultures are investigated by their tableware, because it was usually covered with paintings of battle, life, epic and other kinds of scenes. Alexander the Great during his military campaigns used to keep his food and drink depots in silver plates and amphoras. This saved depots from the bad bacterias and kept all fresh. Also everybody remember scenes from the Medieval when knights where in search of legendary Graal’, which was a goblet with holy blood as legend says. Also some kinds of tableware were and some even are today important objects of sacral items.

And also many kinds of goblets are symbols or main objects of many emblems or coats of arms. Today many accessories are connected with tablewareComputer Technology Articles, such as car cup holder and others. Also popular are thermo-cups< which can keep liquids in it warm for a long periods of time and secure your hands from burns.

We must say that tableware were important part of human life and stay in the same role today.
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