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How was bamboo skewers been produced?

How was bamboo skewers been produced?

Bamboo skewers are popular used to produce meat kebab skewers.

And it’s an essential accessory on a BBQ party.

Because it’s convenient, natural, biodegradable and health.

Above all, it’s environmental.

To compare with other disposable food service products.

Such as baking paper, aluminum foil and paper cup.

Bamboo skewers has too much less traffic.

That’s because it’s really a small category in the disposable food service industry.

As a veteran skewers exporter and wholesaler.

We study bamboo skewers over six years.

Let me introduce how was bamboo skewers been produced step by step.

1. Material Type
You know China has lots of bamboo forest from the film “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon”.

That’s our food service skewers’ material.

In fact, most bamboo skewers factory don’t process materials by themselves.

Because there has specialized bamboo material factory in the BBQ skewers industry.

We have got lots of bamboo skewers inquiry from our website.

It’s from all over the world. Some of our clients still called them wooden skewers.

On the physical form side, bamboo sure is a kind of wood.

But on the environmental side, bamboo is totally different with wooden.

That’s because bamboo is sustainability and environmentally friendly.

It can grew 20 ~ 30cm per 24 hours.
Regarding bamboo material, there are over one thousand kinds in China.

According to the different material features.

Chinese market most is Dan and Mao bamboo skewers.

Dan bamboo skewers usually has no bamboo joint.

Mao bamboo skewers usually has bamboo joint.

And it can be made no bamboo joint also.

That will waste many materials that rise the cost.

This quality usually supply to Japanese market.

Compared two kinds of skewers, we recommended Mao bamboo skewers better.

Mao skewers’ quality is more consistent because of the better thickness.

That’s why most kebab machine choose this material skewers to produce meat skewers.

PS: Regarding FSC Certificate
With the decrease of timber resources, and forest deterioration. FSC be born at the moment. Some of our clients ask FSC for bamboo products. I think it’s unnecessary. Because bamboo material is green. It a good material to replace the wooden. And that can protect the forest. And Chinese government is encourage the bamboo industry development. Here are our bamboo and wooden sticks certificate for your reference.
2. Bamboo Skewers Processing
Once got your orders.

Skewers factory will order bamboo filament sticks from material factory.

And then produce the right size skewers according your requirement.

The bamboo filament usually 1.5~2.0 m length.

And the diameter is fixed. Below example for your better understand.

You ordered three million pieces 0.5 m long bamboo skewers.

The diameter required 4.0 mm. Skewers factory will order one million 1.5 m bamboo filament.

The material diameter will be 4.1 ~ 4.2 mm.

1.5 m bamboo sticks will be cut in to three 0.5 m skewers.

And the diameter will be 4.0 mm after drying and polishing.

Processing Technic details as below.

Sawed bamboo tree into 1.5 ~ 2.0 m long on the machine. Usually select the middle body of bamboo tree. And remove the head and root. Because that’s bamboo joint is too serried. It’s not good to produce skewers.
Split the bamboo into bamboo chip on the dissection machine.
Fixed thickness and width of the bamboo sticks on the slicer machine.
Processing bamboo filament on the shaping machine
Stewing and sterilized bamboo filament. And the bamboo filament will release sugar during stewing. The stewing water will be yellow color. Then these skewers will have longer shelf life.
Drying these bamboo filament.
Set bamboo filament size on the set-size machine. 200 mm skewers usually set 201~202 mm. Because sharp point will has a loss.
Drying and polishing these skewers
Sharpen point on these skewers
Pick up crooked, broken and other faulty skewers. These skewers are waste.
Packing the skewers in plastic bag. Laser counting device will help us to confirm the quantity. And the error was strictly control under 1%.

3. Bamboo Skewers’ Packing
According different food service clients type.

They have different skewers’ packing preference.

Branding business usually packed 100 pcs per bag.

And printed good looking artwork. Butchers and catering supplies wholesaler just print a simple logo.

And packed 500 pcs, 1000 pcs per bag or paper box.

We supply OPP, PE and paper box for the BBQ skewers’ packing.

OPP plastic bag has a better diaphanous. And your printing artwork has a better adhesive force. The drawback is that has a bad suppleness. And it’s easily to be broken.
PE plastic bag has better suppleness. And not easy to be broken. But the diaphanous is not good than OPP bag. And it has just a generally printing effect.
Paper box can be white or brown color. White paper box cost is higher than brown box. And It can be printed colorful. Brown color box usually print one color only. According the food skewers quantity in the box, we will use high-strength inner box to load and protect the skewers.

Newell Trade has rich experience in the disposable food skewers business.

We know which kinds of bamboo material is better for your business.

Which factory can deliver faster. Which factory has consistent quality.

And more experience to support your business.

Please feel free to contact us if any bamboo skewers pending order.

No mater you are importer, wholesaler or butchers industry.

We always try our best to supply quality and stable source.

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Mao, Dan and Huang (less) bamboo material is good to produce skewers.

Dan Bamboo Tree
Diameter 5cm. Height 3 ~ 7m. Length between bamboo joint 30 ~ 60cm. Main place of origin Guangdong, Guangxi
Mao Bamboo Tree
Diameter over 20cm. Height over 20m. Length between bamboo joint 40cm. 85% of the world’s Mao bamboo is in the south of Yangtze River China.
Huang Bamboo Tree

Diameter 7 ~ 10cm. Height 8 ~ 15m. Length between bamboo joint 34~42cm. Main place of origin Yunnan, Burma, Vietnam, Laos and Thailand.

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