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Multipurpose Palm Leaf Plates

Multipurpose Palm Leaf Plates

Here at Little Cherry we believe life shouldn’t be more complicated than absolutely necessary. That rule goes for parties too.

When you’re throwing a party, opting for our fabulous palm leaf plates is a great decision, but part of the reason for choosing our green, disposable tableware is to keep things simple, right? So why get three different kinds of plates when one will fit all sorts of purposes? You can do a lot without having to over-complicate things.

To show you what we mean, we have chosen our egg-shaped palm leaf plate and we have compiled a three-course menu that requires just that one kind of plate. Read on for our suggestions.

Appetiser: Tiny Fruit Trays

Appetisers should stimulate the appetite without overwhelming the palette or being too filling. Fruit is an ideal starter, especially at parties where conversation could be stunted by overly finicky foods. There are many traditional starters that combine fruit with other foods, such as melon and Parma Ham but you can choose to keep things simple and serve fruit by itself. This will give your guests a refreshing dish that has plenty of potential for creative presentation. Here are some suggestions:

Tulip Tomatoes
Melon-Pop Sticks
Bitesized Watermelon Salad
Watermelon Baskets
Apple Baskets
Fruit Skewers
For even more fruity appetiser inspiration, check out The Nutrition Vault.

Main Course: Bite Sized BBQ Bits

Summer is the ideal time for al fresco dining and one of the most popular types of summer party is a barbecue. Barbecues don’t have to mean caveman steaks and foot-long kebabs though. You can actually throw quite a pleasant – not to mention tidier – barbecue by swapping mammoth cuts of meat for bite sized barbecue favourites. This way, everyone will still get to enjoy the beloved barbecue taste but they won’t have to contend with oversized, over-sauced food slopping everywhere because it will all be in neat, bite-friendly parcels. For some bite-sized barbecue inspiration, check out some of the below suggestions:

Easy-to-Eat Bites
Chicken Slider Skewers
Finger Foods
Marinated Meatball Popsicles
BBQ Pizza
Of course, you can always break up the barbecue and add vegetables and salad to the mix. Instead of overfilling everyone’s individual palm leaf platter though, why not invest in a palm leaf salad bowl when you get the plates? Then let people help themselves.

Dessert: Personal Dessert Platters

Regardless of whether you’re throwing a birthday party complete with cake or a small gathering for sweet-toothed friends, dessert will often be the most highly anticipated part of the event. As well as being an enjoyable part of the meal itself, dessert is actually a very fun and creative aspect of planning a party. You can get experimental with presentation, come up with weird and wonderful combinations of sweets and enjoy “testing” the products (for quality control purposes of course…). You can opt for something traditionally summery like ice cream, a dainty dessert or cheesecake or an interactive sweet treat like S’mores, where everyone can get involved in making their own dessert. To see what kind of desserts you can pop on a palm leaf plate to make everyone their own sweet dessert platter, have a look at the suggestions below:

Miniature Cheesecakes
Chocolate Mousse Pots
Cake Pops
Petite Sweet Bites
Tiny Treats
S’mores in a Pot
Of course, rather than choose desserts for people, if more than a few take your fancy you can set up a Sweet station and let people build their own dessert platters.


There you have three courses and plenty of recipes, all perfect for an easy meal on an egg-shaped palm leaf plate. It’s a simple way to throw a great party and be creative in the kitchen, all whilst being green! So go have fun planning your parties this summer and let us know how you use your egg-shaped palm leaf plates! 

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