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The Sweet Halo Of Bamboo Marshmallow Roasting Sticks

I am an American and have never lost my sweet tooth. I have always been in love with the deeply grilled marshmallow; with a charred crust and soft innards. The different tastes give me a metaphor for life; which changes colors every now and then.

I would make one mistake though when I used the fire pit for the grilling. I would use any skewers that came my way; most of it metal. Now, with energy consciousness growing in, I felt propelled to turn towards environmental stuff and I chanced upon this beauty.

These marshmallow skewers keep their shape whether you keep the mallows loosely grilled or heavily burnt. You may keep them soaked or dry; that is your business. You will hardly feel any burr or hiccup while licking the last shred off the bamboo skewers.

Interestingly, they also offer blunt skewers, great news; since my grandpa is quite old and generally reluctant to the idea of having the skewers in his mouth. This has surely come as manna from heaven.

Coming to marshmallow, they have historically gone through enough conflicts to reach the present stage of confection and deserve this special grace offered by these candyfloss sticks. And dip these skewers in a chocolate fountain is a good choice also. Their intrinsic sweetness puts me into rapture, heightened by the excellence of the disposable skewer. The biodegradable nature gives me a feeling that I am contributing towards the environmental cause.

I have lately begun to experiment by grilling beef with marshmallow; although on different skewers. The contrast in taste brings the beauty of the tongue into the fore. I have never been disappointed by the final products; whether sweet (marshmallow) or salty (beef). It is almost as if these bamboo skewers have a mind to delight you.

It comes as no surprise that the disposable skewer is a staple diet of the supermarkets the world over, finding a pride of place in major ones as well. The choice of Mao bamboo, I found, may be the trump card it plays on. The scheming and styling is too professional and the cartons are packaged through laser counter; so there is no chance of even a cursory error.

There is one problem though. Lately, because of the efficiency of these marshmallow skewers, my parents and Tom, my elder brother has also joined the queue. Whenever I get about grilling my favorite recipe, I have to share it with them on a regular basis. You may call me selfish but I don’t like this one bit.

Then, I remember that immortal line of John Keats – ‘A thing of beauty is a joy forever’. These bamboo skewers are real pieces of beauties and the way they grill different recipes; not just marshmallow, is a lesson in efficacy. If only we could adopt that sense of professionalism in our official enterprises.

Next month, I have planned this big bash at home. There will be wine and desserts (no women!). And there will be wonderfully grilled marshmallows for those that dig them; served with a nicety over these crisp and sentient marshmallow skewers. You are invited!

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