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What Materials are Sushi Boats made out of?

What Materials are sushi boats made out of?

A sushi boat is perfect if you are really wanting to make your homemade sushi creations "Pop" or if you are just wanting to wow the guests in your sushi bar.
You could use a sushi plate, but a boat can pack an unexpected visual punch to your beautifully made and artfully arranged sushi that people just don't expect.

Guests are always blown away by them.

But which one to buy?

That is a very good question. And one that we will attempt to answer for you in the following paragraphs.

With that, let's get rolling!

Sushi Boat Materials

Sushi boats, just like sushi plates, are made out of all kinds of materials. They can be made of wood,  plastic or even grass! (Yes. I said grass. And no, not the kind you smoke...And no, I didn't smoke any before I wrote this either :-). Have patience young grasshopper..and all will be revealed in due time...

In the two pictures above the one on the left has a base made of bamboo while the one on the right looks to be made of some kind of wood. It looks like pine to me.  

And since we are already on the subject, it might be a good time to talk about the difference between bamboo and wood.

The Difference between Bamboo and Wood

Did you know that Bamboo is actually a grass?

Ha! Believe me now? And it is quite an impressive grass too.

Bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants on earth. Growing at rates of up to 39 inches in 24 hours! It is also quite versatile and can be used for construction, food, paper, made into a textile, and can also be made into a musical instrument.

But for our purposes, it can be made into a sushi boat too.

Look below to see how it compares to wood. 


Lightweight and easy to clean with just soap and water (bamboo can handle a dishwasher if it is 1 piece and not glued together in any way)
Water resistant and does not stain
Won't crack and warp like wood does
Won't harbor bacteria because it is non-porous


Porous and absorbs liquids 
Harbors bacteria
Cracks and warps
Harder to clean and not recommended for dishwasher

Doesn't it not look like to you that bamboo pretty much just blew wood away in all of the categories?

Well, at least from the standpoint of serving food, it looks like bamboo has many advantages over wood. 

If you would like to buy a bamboo sushi boat or a wood sushi boat they have them here at Amazon.

If you want your sushi boat made out of a material that is lighter and easier to clean than wood or bamboo, then we should talk about plastic. 

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