Newell International Industry Co., Ltd.

Newell International Industry Co., Ltd.

Disposable cornstarch cutlery

1. Biodegradable environment-friendly raw materials 

2. Biodegradable 

3. Low-density 

4.Low cost

5. plasticity and other properties. High hardness, good plasticity, traditional foam tableware and PP resin is the best substituteGeneration of product?

Widely used in disposable supplies, hotel supplies, environmental packaging, medical supplies, such as blister, injection field.

Compared with traditional PP and foaming materials, corn starch based degradable tableware has incomparable advantages in green, healthy and environmental protection.
The duration of natural degradation is 90-120 days (exposure to wind erosion or landfill).
Main products cover corn starch cup, bowl, lunch box, disc, tray, knife, fork, spoon, ash tray, moon cake box and so on.

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