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wooden tongue depressor

Tongue depressor to wood tongue depressor is the most common, of course, there are stainless steel material, but wood material is more sanitary, so it is the most common, but also the most commonly used.

The use of tongue depressor:
1, open the 50%GS 20 ml/ each day into the sterile stainless steel tweezers. The liquid and container were replaced twice a day. The container was sterilized by high pressure after use. The tongue depressor was soaked in 500 mg/L chlorine disinfectant for 30 minutes and then incinerated by medical waste.
2. When the child needs to use tongue depressor, open the disposable tongue depressor package, soak the tongue depressor in 50% GS sterile solution for 1 minute, take out with no dripping water, first put the tongue depressor on the tip of the child's tongue to let it taste sweet, then let the child open his mouth, quickly press the tongue root, at this time the child does not cry, more cooperative Doctor's examination.
3. In order to distract children's attention, we can hang brighter murals and put some toys in the outpatient room to attract children's attention, at the same time, we can also make the diagnosis quickly.

Correct use of tongue depressor can reduce the fear of children, reduce doctor-patient disputes, whether for parents or medical staff, a good way to reduce a lot of trouble.

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